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Blue Sea Blue Sky Trumpet: 30cm*9cm*12cm 6-7 pieces of toast

Blue Sky Large: 34cm*9cm*21cm 450g of toast

Three chef sizes: 30cm*12cm*9cm 6-7 pieces of toast

Three Chefs Large: 34cm*11cm*16cm 450g of toast

Quantity: 50 pieces/bundle (the error of each package is about 1-2 pieces due to mechanical counting)

Packing: 6 to 7 pieces of toast 4000 pieces

450g toast 2000 pieces

60 grams of kraft paper film

Product features: food packaging grade material, window design, easy to see.Fine selection of materials, various styles, to meet various needs.Built-in diaphragm, waterproof and oil-proof.Accept custom

Product material: white kraft paper /PP film

Usage: can put bread, baking, toast….

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