PJ series polishing machine

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PJ polishing machine polishing treatment for a variety of beans, easy to move, highly polished, with dust removal device.

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Its dust removal efficiency is up to 99% above. Flexible and convenient, collect dust on the spot and handle it on the spot, which can effectively guarantee the cleanliness of the air. The product is novel, beautiful, practical, stable in performance and easy to use and maintain.

1. The dust-containing gas treatment combination adopts a novel and unique filter barrel device, which is characterized by large filtration area, good dust filter effect (adsorbing dust of 0.1 ~ 0.2 m level), convenient replacement and cleaning, fast, safe and durable.

2. The equipment has compact structure, reasonable layout and good versatility, which fully reflects the advanced level of dust removal technology. When the user selects it, different processing combinations can be carried out conveniently according to the specific working conditions, so as to ensure the user's satisfaction.

3. the equipment adopts advanced pulse backblowing dust removal device, dust removal effect is obvious, and according to its own operation resistance, to control the pulse blowing time, cycle, etc., so as to save energy and reduce consumption.

Working Principle

After the workpiece is polished, the dust containing gas enters the filter core of the equipment from the lower suction outlet. The larger particles (100 m in diameter) are first settled. The smaller particles (0.1 ~ 50 m in diameter) were adsorbed on the surface of the filter cartridge in the air treatment chamber. The purified air through the filter cartridge is discharged through the exhaust chamber. When the operating resistance of the equipment reaches a certain level, the pulse control instrument triggers the solenoid valve to open, and the compressed air (P=0.5 ~ 0.8mpa) passes through the inside of the blowback rotor to make the dust particles fall off under the action of high pressure airflow in an instant, thus reducing the filtering resistance to complete the dust removal and ash removal process. By periodically cleaning the dust on the surface of the filter barrel, the resistance of the equipment is relatively stable, which is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the dust removal system. Dust settling and cleaning will gather in the drawer and be cleaned manually on a regular basis.

Installation requirements and test run

1. Reserve space according to the specifications of the equipment to meet the space required for the replacement and maintenance of the filter element.

2. After the installation of the equipment, the filter element shall be carefully removed. The air outlet of the fan shall not be blocked to prevent foreign bodies from falling in.

3. Test run, check the reliability of the control system; Check whether the fan and polishing motor are rotating in the correct direction and running smoothly with indistinct noise. After 1-2 hours of test run, if everything is normal, it can be put into operation and use.

4. solenoid valve switch sound clear no vibration phenomenon is appropriate.

5. When installing the water separator, the direction of arrow shown in the separator must be consistent with the direction of compressed air flow.








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