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Pizza box on the kraft paper, there are food grade kraft paper, ink is also soy food grade ink.The paper contains no damaging chemicals, and the ink can even be eaten directly.

According to different classification methods, pizza boxes can be divided into the following categories:

According to different materials, pizza boxes can be divided into:

1. Pizza box with white cardboard: 250G white cardboard and 350G white cardboard;

2. Corrugated paper pizza box: micro corrugated (from height to height according to the corrugated) is divided into E flute, F flute, G flute, N flute and O flute respectively. E tile is a kind of micro corrugated.

3. PP plastic pizza box: The main material is PP plastic

2. According to different sizes, pizza boxes can be divided into:

1. 6-inch / 7-inch pizza box: 20cm long * 20cm wide * 4.0cm high

2. 8 inch /9 inch pizza box: length 24cm* width 24cm* height 4.5cm

3. 10-inch corrugated pizza box: 28cm long * 28cm wide * 4.5cm high

4. 10-inch white cardboard pizza box: 26.5cm long * 26.5cm wide * 4.5cm high

5. 12-inch corrugated pizza box: 32.0cm in length * 32.0cmm in width * 4.5cm in height

1. The 250G pizza box with white cardboard is the most commonly used pizza box in the market. This pizza box can be used in general pastry restaurants.

2. The pizza box with 350G extra thickness is mainly used for takeout. The stiffness of the pizza box is much better than that of the 250G white cardboard, which can completely meet the requirements of western fast-food restaurants for takeout.

3. Corrugated pizza box is one of the pizza boxes with the best stiffness.The most commonly used pizza box on the market is the 3-layer E tile. This pizza box can also be used as a takeaway package, which is not easy to be soft.

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