The rise of fast food

With the continuous development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption concept and consumption level have also had a great change and promotion.Under this opportunity, the fast food industry has also developed rapidly. Fast food refers to the popular food that is quickly supplied by commercial enterprises, immediately eaten and reasonably priced to meet People’s Daily needs.With fast, convenient, standardized, environmental protection and other characteristics.Fast food is produced by food factories or processed by large and medium-sized catering enterprises. It is popular, time-saving and convenient, and can serve as staple food.Fast food has become a way of life, hence the emergence of “fast food culture” and “fast food doctrine”.

With the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s concept of food and beverage consumption is gradually changing, dining out is more normalized and rational, selectivity is enhanced, the demand for consumption quality is continuously improved, and the more pursuit of brand quality, taste characteristics, health and safety, nutrition and health and convenience and fast.The social demand of fast food continues to expand, and the characteristics of the popularity and basic demand of the market are more fully displayed.Modern fast food operation standardization, distribution of factory, chain scale and scientific management of the concept, through the deepening process from discussion to practice, has been widely accepted and recognized, and from the fast food industry to the catering industry, catering modernization of the important development goals and direction.


Post time: Jun-30-2021