Seed Grain Coating Machine Coating Machine

Seed Coating Machine,Treating Machine is developed based on the combination of theory and practice. Product specifications: Maximum production: 5000kg/hour (0-5000kg) Supporting power: 1.5kw motor booster power: 120W power consumption Quantity: 1.6 degrees / hour Lifting height: 90 cm Weight: 170kg Dimensions: 1.5m*0.85m*1.5m Regular time operation is excellent, quality products have been put into the market and well received by users. According to the needs of users in our country, the coating machine is completely replaced by a large-scale coating machine, which has the following advantages over the large-scale coating machine: First, the economic aspect: The large coating machine costs 10,000 yuan per piece, and the operation is quite complicated. The TC14-15000A single-phase electric coating machine has only a few turns each, and the operation is very simple, which is several times lower than the cost of the large coating machine. Second, the coating effect: large coating machine seed coating rate of 95% -98%, while the coating machine coating up to 97%. Third, the power saving: the power to take the convenience of the home power can be. The total power consumption is 1250W, and the electricity consumption is 1.25 degrees per hour. The production capacity can reach 4 tons per hour and the efficiency is several times higher than that of the large coating machine. Fourth, supporting aspects: large coating machine in the coating process must be supported by a booster pump, drug liquid lifting machine that is liquid turbidity machine,  which is the most prominent On the one hand, all the functions of the large coating machine can be completed without any matching, and the automatic shutdown function is provided when there is no liquid medicine. V. Labor: Large-scale coating machines must be equipped with sufficient manpower (5 or more people) to produce during the production process. Otherwise, they will cause unnecessary losses (power consumption, liquid loss, etc.). The coating machine, adjustable labor, one or more individuals can work normally, and will never have other unnecessary losses, according to user needs, drug species recognition adjustment. For the seed company grain testing area, the individual seed business households of the agricultural institute are the most ideal and indispensable modern machines. The new seed grain cleaning machine will be put into the market in the near future. Customers are welcome to order.

Post time: Sep-24-2020