disposable kraft paper cup

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Material: Wood pulp and kraft paper
Use: to fill drinks, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, soya-bean milk cold drinks, etc.Advertising Cup, Commercial Cup, Home Cup, Tasting Cup, etc.

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Features: FSC certified food grade raw wood pulp, with natural wood aroma, from production, testing, disinfection to packaging, the whole process is carried out in the dust-free workshop, no odor.Kraft paper is strong and resistant to water. It is very strong and is more resistant to heat than ordinary disposable paper cups.In line with the relevant product quality requirements, healthy and tasteless.360 ° leak proof.

Thicken cup mouth, not inverted, not easy to deform.

The body of the cup is stiff and comfortable to hold. The thickened material is easy to knead and not to deform. The edge is polished and smooth without hurting the hand.

The cup base adopts the latticed design, the indentation is tight, and the leakage is effectively prevented.

Round and firm, four 8 oz paper cups, carrying more than 50 kg.

Cow jammed paper cups with multiple specifications

Tips: The above size is measured by hand and weighed, and the data has an error of 0~0.2

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