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Name: Corn Starch Degradable Packaging Box (4 boxes)

Process: plastic suction

Color: beige

Packing quantity: 100 sets Packing size: 55*42*47

Weight: 68g/piece

Size: 23.5*20.4*4cm. 900ml

Characteristics: mainly extracted from corn starch raw material, is a kind of in the natural environment through microorganisms and enzymes, can be natural biodegradable environmental protection material, environmental protection, no smell, use more assured.

Material: corn starch

Features: green material, safety and environmental protection, healthy and tasteless.Waterproof, oil proof, biodegradable, sealed and leakproof, microwave refrigerated.Divided design, prevent odor, lock flavor.

Design: cat ears easy to open the cover design, save time and effort.Can be stacked, bearing capacity of about 5KG, batch delivery more worry.Sealed inner buckle cover design, sealed and leakproof, tightly buckled.Flat edges, without burrs.Reinforcement design, more compression resistance.

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